How We Work


Management Team Acquisition

At Malibu Colony Partners, we ensure that we are retained with only a few companies at a time at any given stage of the recruitment process. We manage the full talent acquisition process from organizational design, negotiation, and placement, ensuring we place the best professionals for your C-suite vacancies.


Individual Hire

For companies seeking to hire a single pre-referenced executive, we apply the industry-standard retained search fees model, basing charges on a percentage of a non-equity executive’s first-year annual package. Payments for this can be separated into three collection stages:

1) Exclusivity Agreement to Provide the Following:

  • Organizational Strategy
  • Culture Identification
  • Function Description
  • Sourcing Passive Candidates

2) References, Screening, and Interviewing

3) Final Placement

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

We charge percentage fees based on the success of an initial meeting or introduction of a candidate management team, using the final value due at the transition exit to compute for our percentage.

Policies and Guarantees

  • We do not own exclusivity to the candidates we introduce.
  • We guarantee the replacement of any candidate that is terminated for cause within six months.
  • We charge a flat retainer fee every month to build your collaborative executive leadership team.
  • For professional fees, these are earned by representing clients which you, your affiliates, or your subsidiaries hire within one year of receiving introduction.

Ethical Standards

We will never source your employees, without permission from your company, for one year from our retainer agreement or placement. We adhere to equal employment opportunity policies and ensure the highest standards regarding diversity and inclusion.

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